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I have learned alot on this course and I want to thank everyone who was involved in the design and creation of the materials. I have fallen behind at times due to the amount of work I had, but I have caught up! The main thing that I have enjoyed a lot was the process of exploring the new tools. The tools i will carry on using are: wordpress, podcasts, mendely, image generators, RSS feeds, prezi and diigo. These tools will help me both in my research and work. So thank you all again! I had a great time. 🙂



I have heard about podcasts but never tried them. Podcasts turned out to be great! especially that I spend too much commuting and sometimes I feel that I need to listen to something useful instead of repeating the same songs over and over. One of the most interesting podcasts I found on podcast alley was (get it done guys, quick and dirty tips to work less and do more) 🙂 🙂


I have always liked youtube. I have found some cool videos that explain what is supply chain management in a very simple way! here is the link 🙂

These types of videos are really good as teaching aids!


Yes wikipedia is the first place where I look for information. Sometimes it is useful and sometimes it is not. I have searched for supply chain management and the materials provided are accurate.

Online image generators

These image generators are fun, especially if you want to add some custom made pix for a presentation! Here is a pic from

Multicolr search lab

I loved this application! It could be very useful in getting pictures for some projects with specific color themes.


I have always liked Flickr and the tons of pictures from all around the world! Here is the link to a picture I have uploaded on flickr and I will definitely add some more.